Buying the best headphones in the market – Vital points to consider

Previously, before the age of Walkman, headphones were pretty chunky and huge. In those days, headphones were made to stay at home and were much more related to personal music listening during late nights. That was the past generation but now time has changed and the latest generation has some slimmed down headphones which injects HD music directly into your ears. Many men buy sports headphones which they use during workout and such sports headphones should have some minimum features. Not all feel comfortable with headband style headphones and hence earbud headphones are also gaining momentum. Check out some headphone styles so that you can choose the best that suits your needs.


  1. Earbud headphones: Earbuds are most commonly given as freebie headphones with smartphones, portable players and they get junked due to being high performance buds that offer awesome sound quality. The earpieces rest on the outer ear or