Kids Can Break Nearly Anything

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned during my time as a parent, it’s to always keep a close eye on your kids. In the blink of an eye, they can get away and cause some trouble. My two little boys started playing with a ball the moment I left the kitchen and they broke the sliding glass door that leads to the backyard. When I heard the glass break, I came running to the kitchen because I thought someone had gotten hurt. I had to contact a specialist at to put a new piece of glass in the sliding door.

Neither of my sons wanted to admit who actually broke the window and just pointed the blame at each other. The only logical course of action was for both of them to accept blame for it and they both had to be punished. I thought about the best way to accomplish this, since I didn’t want to spank them like my parents did to me when I was their age. Since the boys love to play with their toys and video games, I took away their access to these items, and made them do work around the house.

The specialist at the glass company had to take measurements to figure out what size glass needed to be put into the door. This accounted for not only the length and width of the glass, but also for the thickness. My sons were peeping around the kitchen door, watching while this was all happening, not knowing that I could see them. The installation of the glass was pretty simple for the specialist, and he was done in practically no time. You wouldn’t know that there is a completely different piece of glass in the door just by looking at it. I hope my sons don’t break this one.