DIY Tips For Quickly Removing Dents From Your Car

Removing a dent from an automobile is not just a matter of aesthetics. Dents, dings, and scratches on the bodywork of a car significantly reduce its market value and also pose a risk that can lead to problems of rust or corrosion of the sheet metal in the medium and long term.

Therefore, it is very unwise not to repair the dents or scratches on the car, whether they have been caused by hail or accidental bumps in car parks or other factors. But, to eliminate the dents of a car in a fast, economical way and with guarantees, call qualified professionals for the repair of bodies, with the best paintless dent repair tools and the opportune material means to deliver a vehicle totally free of dents in the fastest term of time and with the minor cost.

Lever Touch has the personnel and the means to give solutions to individuals and automotive companies ( car manufacturers, dealers, rental fleets, etc.) in the fast repair of their car bodies, using the most appropriate techniques to remove the dents from the vehicle.

Two common techniques used to remove dents in cars:

The technique to remove car dents chosen for the intervention will depend on the examination of the dent:

1. If the car’s paintwork has been affected, the most advisable thing to remove the dent is to opt for a heavy-duty slide hammer dent puller spot repair.

2. If the paintwork is not affected, the PDR techniques (Paintless Dent Repair) will be the optimal alternative due to its speed and impeccable results to remove dents from a car.

Both options are part of the Smart Repair philosophy, and we will take a look at the most notable differences between the two procedures:

Dent Removal With Slide Hammer Dent Puller Spot Repair

Spot Dent Repairs: How to remove dents that have damaged the paint

When the damage is located in a small area (smaller than an A4 sheet), the Spot Repair technique will allow us to repair the panel more quickly, economically, and effectively.

An assessment of the affected area must be made to confirm that the damage consists solely of the bun and the lifting of the paint on impact, thus ruling out the need for any other type of action. The surface should then be cleaned and polished, and the color of the bodywork accurately identified.

The process continues with the exhaustive preparation of the area and concludes with the application and rectification of the paint selected to obtain a perfect finish.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Only if the mishap suffered by the vehicle has not damaged the paintwork is it possible to resort to PDR techniques (Paintless dent repair), in which Lever Touch professionals are recognized specialists.

The advantages of paintless dent repair are obvious:

  •  A drastic reduction in repair times.
  • An intervention on the car that is minimally invasive and does not alter the original paintwork. 
  • The unbeatable final result that removes the bun from the car and gives it back its pre-strike appearance, and keeps the manufacturer’s warranty intact.

What techniques are used to remove dents without painting:

The term Unpainted Dent Repair actually covers three different ways of acting on the damaged bodywork to remove dents from the car.

  • The best-known way to fix dents is by means of rods, special tools of different shapes, lengths, and degrees of rigidity, with which Lever Touch technicians work from the inside of the body, carefully applying just the right pressure to make the dent disappear.
  • Hot-melt adhesives are used from the outside when handling rods is not recommended or is not possible. They also do not leave any visible marks on the vehicle’s bodywork when removing dents.
  • Finally, magnetic induction is the ideal procedure for removing dents when the bodywork is weakened and needs to be restored.


As mentioned above, all three procedures exclude the application of putty or new paint to the affected panel, so once the dent is removed, there is no detectable trace of the mishap.

When neither the action of the varnishers nor the use of the other two options for repairing the dents without repainting is possible, the workers of Lever Touch will put their experience and artisan expertise at the service of the Spot Repair technique to offer the best possible solution in each case.