5 Common Mistakes People Make With a Windshield Replacement

Ignoring or even convincing themselves that it’s perfectly safe to put off dealing with a broken windshield is a normal reaction. However the damage occurred people just don’t want to be stuck paying to replace it. Not doing anything, or worse doing something crazy is not going to make the problem disappear. In fact dealing with the problem as soon as possible could wind up saving you money. Your best option is to have a professional look at it promptly, after all a broken windshield is a safety issue. Here are 5 mistakes people make when they need a windshield replacement and how to avoid them.

Ignoring the problem. What begins as a chip or small crack can grow to be a much bigger problem if you ignore it. A person may be trying to save up the money to pay for replacement and leave it for this reason. There is a very real risk involved in putting it off, in fact the car roof could collapse since the windshield is what’s holding it in place.


Replacing the windshield at home without professional help. The ability to purchase a replacement windshield does not mean it’s a good idea to try it. To be honest you have no idea what you’re doing and how can you be assured the windshield you bought is even new. Do you have the same tools a professional has, meaning you could end up damaging the windshield. Save yourself the DIY project and see a professional to do a good job.

Using DIY repair kits to avoid replacing the glass. You may be tempted to use one of these, which could work on very small cracks at least for a short time. However they will not do a good job on larger damaged areas and could make the problem much worse, a better idea is taking it to a professional in the first place.

Using crazy glue or nail polish to keep the broken glass together. It may come as a surprise but some people have the bright idea to use crazy glue or even nail polish in an attempt to fix things. Crazy glue will stick the broken pieces together but compromise the strength of the glass, and need we even mention the idea of using nail polish for this.

Driving your car with the glass broken. Some drivers seem to be oblivious to the fact that a damaged windshield leaves the glass very fragile. Every bump, turn and stop is adding to the damage.

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