When Your Old College Roommate Won’t Go Home

“It may be only a few years since you have graduated from college, but you likely have started your own life with a new career, perhaps a new spouse and family, new home and maybe even a new location. It can all seem like a great, brand new start for you that can be exciting and a little intimidating. Out of the blue one day, your old college roommate calls and announces he is in town and would like to stop by for a visit. You say sure, glad to see him for the night. You have dinner and drinks, share some laughs, but then, after a while, you notice your spouse pointing to her watch, wondering when he is leaving, but he seems like he has no intentions of going yet. What are you going to do?


Start with Subtle Hints

Naturally you do not want to seem like …

Choosing the Right Ringtone for Your Phone

“You finally broke down and got that new smartphone you have been looking at for months. You waited for the best deal from your phone provider and found the phone you liked and now you have it ready to go. You have your contacts all loaded, all of the apps that you want and need on it and you think you are ready to go in terms of use. However, there is still one important decision you have to make regarding this great new phone of yours. You want to make sure you choose just the ringtone for your phone. Your ringtone is an important signature for you so you want one that not only works well for you but reflects your personality as well.


Taking Your Time

In today’s world anything can be a ringtone for you. You can use any of the basic options that come on your …

Better To Understand What These Are Before Ordering Them At A Restaurant

“Going out to eat can be a great experience, but if you do not get to do it too often it can also seem a little intimidating to you. When you need to go to a special dinner for work, with your girlfriend to meet her parents, with a potential employer or really with just about anyone you want to have some basic food knowledge and insight so you can know what things you may want to stay away from for that. The last thing you want is to end up ordering a plate of food that you have no idea what it is and the smell alone makes you want to gag. Here are a few tips that can help to guide you about what not to order off of the restaurant menu.
• The Foreign Language Menu – There are times where you may be asked to go …