Aral Lubricants

Aral Lubricants

Aral is a renowned brand of fuels, lubricants, engine oils and gasoline stations, housed in Germany and Luxembourg, as well as showcase its presence in various countries of Western and Central Europe. The organization behind this brand name, Aral AG, is possessed by British Petroleum and was formulated in 1898 as Westdeutsche Benzol-Verkaufs-Vereinigung GmbH. The under consideration brand was introduced back in 1924 and is a portmanteau of the German words “Aromaten” and “Aliphaten”, corresponding to the aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons in gasoline, individually and respectively. On 15 July 2001, an agreement was reached which stated that 51% of the shares of Veba Öl AG would transfer to Deutsche BP AG. Till 1st February 2002, this process was accomplished. The Aral brand name was held, and 650 BP stations in Germany were rebranded to Aral. 6 BP marked filling stations stayed operational in Germany to secure the organization’s privileges to the name, while somewhere else, similar to Poland and Austria, the Aral stations were transformed to BP. In some countries, the Aral stations and branded marked stores were sold. Aral is still operating with the motto of “Alles super”.

Oil-based products

Moving ahead with the products offered by Aral Lubricants, the company is pretty much diverse in its approach. Aral offers distinctive and prominent oil-based products. Setting aside simple and basic gas, diesel fuel and lubricants, there is also offered Natural gas, Liquefied petroleum gas, for example, propane or butane, fluid, and vaporous hydrogen and heating oils. Many Aral filling stations offer a wide scope of products, likewise offered a PetitBistro by some premium stations. Furthermore, some of the Aral stations offer car wash service to thoroughly clean and lavish the exterior and interior of vehicles. Facilitating the businesses and organizations with its optimistic approach, Aral Lubricants offers different kinds of fuel cards. Likewise, Aral CardKomfort offered for small ventures, Aral CardPlus for larger organizations and businesses and Aral CardTruck with out of the box truck-related services and facilities. In a research study looking over the nature of offers and administration in service stations, done by the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Verbraucherstudien (DtGV, German Association for Customer-Studies) in participation with N24, Aral Lubricants were placed at the third spot behind Q1 and OIL.

Various specialties

Talking about Aral engine oils, there are various specialties and various types like Aral EcoTronic F 5W-20, Aral SuperTronic 0W-40, Aral SuperTronic E 0W-30, Aral HighTronic C 5W-30, Aral HighTronic F 5W-30, Aral HighTronic G 5W-30, Aral HighTronic J 5W-30, and Aral HighTronic R 5W-30, Aral HighTronic 5W-40, Aral HighTronic M 5W-40, Aral BlueTronic 10W-40, and Aral Tronic 15W-40, and Aral SuperTurboral LA 5W-30. Discussing the truck range from the list of Aral Lubricants, there is a list of products likewise Aral SuperTurboral 5W-30, Aral MegaTurboral LA 10W-40, Aral MegaTurboral 10W-40, Aral MegaTurboral VR 10W-40, Aral Turboral 10W-40, Aral Turboral 15W-40, Aral Turboral 10W, Aral Turboral 20W-20, Aral Turboral 30, Aral Turboral 40, and Aral Traktoral 10W-40. So, there is plenty of choices to make according to your car’s requirements and your car’s manufacturers manual.