I Went to the Utah Football Game

Of course I was happy to go on the trip, it did not cost me a cent and I got to go see a football game in Utah. My intention was to go snowboarding instead, but when we got there the weather was perfect for just about anything else. At any rate we went to the game and there was a guy with a girl about 25 years old, at least half his age. I figured out what was going on and later she told me she was from an escort service in Salt Lake County, Utah. By that time the guy that had brought her there was passed out so hard we thought he was dead for a moment. Apparently he had been out in the parking lot with the tailgaters partying since the middle of the morning. I was more than happy to keep the girl company, so long as I was not paying.

She was obviously flirting with me and I was not running away from it, but that was as far as it went. When the game ended she gave me her business card, the real one which said what her actual job was. Apparently she had made enough money doing this to open up a small business. This was when she started to put her cards upon the table. I was not pleased to learn that she was hoping that I would help her with this. Apparently she had learned that I was good at what I do, that is true enough. In turn she needed someone to help her with her business, to take it to the next level she needed funding. I could not help thinking that she could probably wrap a lot of bankers around her little finger and get anything she wanted from them.