Healing the Scars of the Past

I’m grateful for everything that the clinic for medical aesthetics in Singapore has done for me. As a kid I was pretty adventurous and would often climb on things. My parents always told me not to, but I never listen to them. One day, I was climbing up a tree and fell out of it. When I landed on the ground, I had a cut on my face. Although the cut healed, it left a scar that was pretty visible. Sometimes people joked about the scar to my face and it made me feel bad. I’ve tried various creams over the years to lessen the appearance of the scar, but they only gave me a limited amount of success.

I thought I would be stuck with the scar and the jokes that came with it, but the clinic in Singapore changed things. Time has given way to new methods of dealing with problems related to skin. By using multiple treatments, the scar shrank to the point that it was no longer on my face. I was in tears when I saw my face with nothing on it. I felt like a new person who had been given a chance to truly be happy. Every time I look in the mirror, I’m no longer left with a constant reminder of the times that I didn’t listen to my parents.

People who knew me before I had the treatments done are surprised to see that it’s now gone. Much like me, they didn’t think anything would be able to remove it. In a way, I’ve inspired some of them to go to the clinic and have treatments done for some skin problems that have been ailing them. Although not everyone has a scar like I had, they probably have something that they’ve been wanting to get removed.