An Inspiring Dedication for the Cello

My oldest son wanted to play the cello, and I was a little reluctant to get one for him. He’s expressed interest in doing things before, but he usually gets bored with them and quits. I’ve seen him go through tennis lessons, art lessons, and even drum lessons. I told him that if he wanted me to get him cello lessons in Singapore, he would have to prove to me that he was committed to learning how to play the cello. I made him earn the money to pay for a cello and for his first lesson. He didn’t have a job at the time, so he had to get a little creative with his money earning methods.

My son remembered some of the skills that he learned from his art classes, so he started making art to sell online, and even commissioned himself out to other people to make art for their specific needs. This got him more money than the regular art that he made. Just by drawing some pictures and editing them in programs, he was able to make the money that he needed to get the cello and pay for the lesson.

I signed my son up for the cello lessons and he was eager to begin playing. This time, he actually stuck with the cello, rather than giving it up. It took some time for him to get to where he could play songs, but once he did, he didn’t stop. He would try his best to play every song that he heard on the radio, even ones that seemed like they wouldn’t be a good fit for a cello. I think he may have found his calling in life. With enough practice, he could go as far as many of the great cello players, and even surpass them.