Better Results with Safflower Oil

The beginning of this year was similar to the beginning of every other year for the past 10 years. I made a commitment to lose weight, and as always, things were going well, until a few weeks in, when I coudln’t stick with my exercise and diet plans. I went back to my bad eating habits and stopped exercising all together. I needed a change, so I looked for something that would help me lose weight. I found reviews on CLA Safflower oil, a type of oil that was touted as being able to aid in weight loss by lessening appetites and raising metabolism.

I bought some of the oil and put myself back on an exercise plan and diet. My cravings for the junk food that had plagued my existence suddenly lessened. I was also eating smaller portions per meal and felt as if I had more energy. The reviews for the oil were totally correct. In just one month, I lost 20 pounds, and there was no stopping me from continuing on with my plans. The loss in weight was instantly noticeable when I stepped into the bathroom to measure myself on the scale. I could look in the mirror and see how much my body had changed.

I’m still not done with my weight loss journey, but I’ve made so much progress in less than a year. In the years that I’ve been trying to lose weight, this is one time where I feel as if I’ve actually done something. I can see and feel the results, and the oil is a big reason for my recent success. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from my weight loss journey, it’s to never give up. If I hadn’t keep looking for a way to lose weight, I never would have started taking the oil.