The role a car plays in the life of a modern man

Without a doubt, this ingenious invention significantly simplifies the life of modern man and makes it much more comfortable and mobile. Without a car people will not be able to keep up with the pace of life. Especially the car is indispensable for those who live in large densely populated cities. Of course, people living in big cities don’t buy sports cars like Lamborghini Gallardo opting for smaller, cheaper and more economical like Ford Focus or Toyota Auris.

Thanks to the personal type of transport, a person can always plan their lives in accordance with the rapid, dynamic, fast pace of the big city. After all, the one who travels by public transport, risks losing a few hours of precious time to get where he wants. Moreover, there is nothing better than having your own car when the weather outdoors is miserable – blizzards or downpours. In such severe weather conditions people just do not want to leave the house being afraid to come down with the cold. That is why every citizen of a big city appreciates owning a car so much.


Speaking of rural areas, it’s almost impossible to do without a car nowadays. After all, people who live in the village, as a rule, have to constantly go to their work in the nearest town. For them, a simple trip to work takes a long time. Some villages don’t have a supermarket and sometimes even a hospital, so it’s vitally important to have a personal vehicle if people need to buy bare necessities or get a qualified medical help. Of course, before buying a car, an inhabitant of rural areas must consider several factors. First of all, the car must be economical to run since it’s quite a hike to get from the village to the nearest town. Secondly, one must take into account the quality of roads.

Indeed, a personal car has become an indispensable thing both for city and village residents but it isn’t as easy to choose the one you need in the myriad of vehicles of different makes. Everything depends on the personal preferences and needs. Some people have the soft spot for luxurious sports cars like Jaguar F-type R and are ready to cough up a fortune to feel the power and speed, others would rather choose stylish and reliable sedans and buy Ford Mustang or Toyota Camry. Most certainly, small and economical cars like Ford Focus or Mazda 3 will find their target market among students and women. But it is worth also taking into account the fact that those cars running on gas significantly contribute to the air pollution. For this reason car makers are trying to invest into new prototypes such as electric and hybrid vehicles. Although these cars are not yet widespread, the number of their proponents is getting bigger and bigger. Of course, as every new invention, these vehicles have some drawbacks but the fact that these cars consume electricity instead of oil outweigh all these minuses.