Why More Families Choose The Chevy Cruze

Are you on the hunt for a new family car? Now that you have a couple of children, what makes a car desirable is much different from what you wanted in your 20s. You’re looking for something that’s safe, family-friendly, and dependable. With all of those things in mind, the Chevrolet Cruze is an excellent option. It provides safety without losing points for its cool factor.


The U.S. News & World Report named the Cruze as the “Best Car For Families” due to its perfect balance of quality, space, and family-friendly features. Its 4-cylinder engine and six-speed transmission means it’s a treat to drive around town, and the USB, Bluetooth, and hotspot capabilities keep you connected wherever you go. It’s also incredibly roomy for a compact sedan, and it’ll continue to be comfortable as your family grows. The trunk is better than most cars in its class, which means it can haul all of your family’s stuff during holidays or just a load of weekly groceries. With a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 5-star safety rating, you know you and your children will be safe wherever you go – whether it’s a weekend drive to African Lion Safari or just a simple trip down to the supermarket, the Cruze has you covered.

The only way the Cruze doesn’t have you covered is its price. Brand new, it can be really expensive. What’s difficult about dealerships is that they have a national bottom-line to uphold, so they can’t consider the individual financial situations that your family’s currently in. They have to make a sale of a certain number – a number which is most often out of your budget. You can find a price that’s much more to your (and your saving’s) liking, by avoiding 2016 models. Instead, look for a used Chevrolet Cruze. You’ll be able to still drive an award-winning car without paying full price.

But where can you find good quality, roadworthy second-hand Cruzes? Go online to your local classified blog. This platform combines the convenience of online shopping with the prices of the classified section of your local newspaper. But even better than its print version, a classified blog will show you much more than the seller’s price and phone number. Each listing will have pictures of the Cruze on sale, its specs, its mileage, and whatever else the seller deems appropriate to put in his or her add.

Meet up with a seller in your community to ask questions and test-drive their Cruze. If it’s to your liking, you can feel good about buying a second-hand car. Not only due to the dramatic cost savings and performance features of the car, but you’ll also feel good about recycling an older vehicle and giving it new life out of a junkyard. You’ll keep money out of the environmentally damaging manufacturing practices that come with a new car, and instead funnel money into your local economy. So if you’re looking for a new car to meet your family’s growing needs, look no further than an online classified community and buy Chevrolet Cruze used.