Claiming Compensation For A Motorbike Accident

Motorbike accidents can have serious consequences, and those that have been involved in any kind of accident can testify to the amount of pain and discomfort even a seemingly slight injury can lead to. While minor injuries may require a few days to get back to work, and necessitate relatively minor repairs to your bike, more serious accidents may leave you unable to return to work and unable to enjoy many of the activities that you would normally enjoy.

What’s more, you will have the cost of repairing or replacing your bike, repairing or replacing your clothing and equipment, and any costs associated with rehabilitation and care. You may also lose out on earnings, if you are forced to take any longer than a few days off work. Compensation is meant as a means of covering these and any other costs that you accrue following the accident and that were caused as a direct result of the accident.

You will need to prove that the accident was not your fault, that you did indeed suffer loss, and that the loss was attributable to the accident. If you, or your solicitor, proves this in court, then you should receive a compensation figure that is comparable to the amount of financial loss that you endured. You should also receive damages for the physical and mental injuries that you suffered, and while the total financial package may sound like a lot, which can make it tempting to accept an early settlement offer, you should remember that this payment is likely to have to last you for some considerable time.

Claiming Compensation For A Motorbike Accident

Damages are paid according to the type and severity of injury that you suffer. Minor injuries may only attract minor payments, but major injuries can attract much larger compensation figures. Where multiple injuries are suffered, the courts will usually award a figure according to the most severe injury, or the one that has the highest guideline figure, while the consideration of multiple injuries means that you should receive a figure that is closer to the top end of the guideline compensation bracket.

Your loss of earnings should not only take into account the money that you have already lost, but any future loss of earnings as well. While it may be impossible to precisely predict how long you will be out of work, or even whether you will be able to return to work in the same capacity at all, and it is certainly impossible to predict the path your career would have taken, it is the role of the court and the responsibility of your solicitor to ensure that you do receive a reasonable amount that will provide for you and your family for as long as necessary.

If the other party has insurance to cover legal costs and damages, then you may find that you are offered an early settlement by the insurance company. Many companies make this offer because they can save legal fees, and may also be able to get victims to agree to a smaller amount, but your solicitor will be able to advise you regarding whether it is a fair and acceptable figure, and whether you should accept it or continue with your compensation claim through the courts.

Carry On Biking can advise on any early settlement offers, help you to determine how much you will lose in earnings, and fight for your compensation payment in courts to ensure you are able to survive financially.