How do you keep the cost of servicing and repairs down?

If you are lucky enough to own one of the cheapest cars to run, including tax, insurance, petrol, servicing and repairs then you might not have to worry about car serving cost comparison. However it is a great way to bring the costs down even more, saving you extra money. Who wouldn’t want that?!

If you are one of the unfortunate who doesn’t have a cheap to run car, will help you get the best deal locally with a highly reputable garage, so you know you can put your trust in them, especially  if you are looking for car service in Bristol. It will help you find what you need.

The cheapest cars  to run UK 2014

1. Volkswagen up! 1.0 Take Up

2. Dacia Logan MCV 1.5 dCi 90 Ambiance

3. Skoda Citigo 1.0 S

4. Seat Mii

5. Kia Picanto

6. Dacia Sandero

7. Peugeot 107

8. Citroen C1

9. Suzuki Alto

A cost comparison

Let’s compare the cheapest car to run in the UK, to the most expensive. As of 2014, the best car to run is the Volkswagen UP! This is based on the average running cost, which includes the insurance, tax and maintenance costs. As well as petrol. The running cost for this car comes in at about £280 per month. But that covers everything. Not a bad price if you think about it. This was also under the assumption that the car does at least 12,000 miles per year. If you do less, the cost could be considerably less. The small engine size of 1 litre will also mean that it’s cheaper to run fuel wise.


It can manage around 69 miles to the gallon, so your fuel goes much further.Plus with a fuel capacity of 33 litres, or 7.25 gallons and average petrol prices being £1.16 a litre, (as of December 2014) filling up the car would only cost £38.28! Added on to this, the annual car tax rate for this particular car is ridiculously low.As for servicing, if you go to a Volkswagen dealer, you are looking at around £149 for a basic service. However you may be able to get cheaper elsewhere, especially if you use a serving cost comparison site such as

The most expensive cars to run UK 2014

  1. Bentley Mulsanne
  2. Mercedes SLS AMG
  3. Bentley Continental GTC
  4. Bentley Flying Spur
  5. Mercedes CL63 AMG.

The opposite end of the scale

The most expensive car to run in the UK as of 2014, taking into account running costs over three years, is the Bentley Mulsanne. The running cost per month can reach up to £4,282.79! You could buy a relatively decent car for that amount.The car itself has a massive 6.8 litre V8 engine and only does around 19.3 miles to the gallon. So to fill your tank, which is a huge 98 litres or 21.5gallons, you’d be looking at £113.68. A gallon is 4 litres so you’d be filling your car up on quite a regular basis!

To add to the costs of running this car, the annual tax for the first 12 months is an eye watering £1090! However it’s not all bad news, after the first 12 months, the annual rate falls to £525. Considerably less, but that’s still over £500 more expensive than the cheapest car.As for servicing, you are looking in the excess of £580 and even as high as £1500! Although if you use a good comparison site; you could find a cheaper service.That is of course if you own a car of such magnitude.

There are many cars in-between this range, that whilst not the cheapest or the most expensive, would really benefit from using serving cost comparison . For the time being, let’s have a look at the overall difference in price per month for the two cars. The price difference is £4002.79!Regardless of which car you own, you will want to try save money where you can. If you can find a cheap service via then why not take advantage?

There are only a few clicks separating you from what could be a great deal, not only financially, but also a great deal in terms of saving you both time and effort. Plus you only pay for the service you need. There are no surprises or hidden extras.You never know. With all the money you save you could end up owning a Bentley Mulsanne!  (Or alternatively buy several, cheaper cars for that price!)