Better Results with Safflower Oil

The beginning of this year was similar to the beginning of every other year for the past 10 years. I made a commitment to lose weight, and as always, things were going well, until a few weeks in, when I coudln’t stick with my exercise and diet plans. I went back to my bad eating habits and stopped exercising all together. I needed a change, so I looked for something that would help me lose weight. I found reviews on CLA Safflower oil, a type of oil that was touted as being able to aid in weight loss by lessening appetites and raising metabolism.

I bought some of the oil and put myself back on an exercise plan and diet. My cravings for the junk food that had plagued my existence suddenly lessened.…

Viscosity Grades and Seasons: How to Choose Right Engine Oil?

Not all of us know what engine oil in our engines is for. And even fewer actually know that the choice of engine oil depends on the season or climate the car is used in. The thing is that engine oil goes in different viscosity grades that define how thick oil is and its fluidity. So how do you know you use the right oil type and how to choose the best motor oil for the weather conditions you are in? So,, the leading online retailer of motor oils and automotive accessories, recommends consulting the owner’s manual that went with the car.

What is the role of engine oil in your car’s work?

Engine oil is a substance that lubricates engine parts and thus prevents them from rubbing against each other, overheating and wearing down too fast. It also protects metal engine parts from corrosion and helps to …