I Have Moved out to Vegas

It is a very long story and it is hard to tell it so that it does not look as though I am some sort of thug for hire. Of course what I am doing is a little different. A thug for hire is someone that hurts people for pay, I just look like I might hurt people and occasionally I put a drunk in his place. I did not start out working exactly for Las Vegas independent escorts, but one of them sort of evolved into this line of work. She was working as a stripper at bachelor parties when I started to work for her. I am a big guy and I am in shape, in college I played both nose tackle and tight end on the football team. That was a couple of years ago and for awhile I was working in hotel administration here. I would have stuck with that job as at first this was just a side line.

The truth is that the girls really like me. They do not want someone who starts beating on a drunken idiot the first time he gets a little out of line. They want you to do the least serious thing that is possible to do and make sure that they say safe. I got a concealed carry license and a little pistol, a Walther detective model. I knew how to shoot a gun, but I made sure to get a refresher course and obviously I made sure it was safe to carry the model I did. You do not want to get in a fight and have it go off in your pocket. Obviously I do not want to use the gun ever, but a few things have happened to make me think it would be a great idea to be prepared.