Fitness Tracker Mania

Fitness tracker can take your workouts to a whole new level. If you have found yourself spending a bit too much time on the sofa lately, a fitness tracker may just be the trick to get moving. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a pair of quality athletic shoes form the huge selection and value offered by Puma. Pair your athletic shoes with a fitness tracker and you’re in the position to ramp up your daily workout. Follow these recommendations from the fitness experts to get the most out of your fitness tracker. There’s not time like the present to get started.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for charging, set up and configuration of the app. One of the psychological benefits of wearing a fitness tracker is that it is a constant reminder to simply get moving. This may well motivate you to take the stairs or park a few extra spaces away from the entry to a building. The dashboards on most activity trackers serve to provide a great snapshot of daily activity as well as how close you are to achieving your goals for duration, distance and speed during your daily walks. Some fitness trackers also have the ability to record food consumption, calories, sugar, fat and carbohydrates counts. Depending upon your goals, you can set the dashboard accordingly.

Commit to taking a brisk thirty minute walk each day. Set the timer on your activity tracker to notify you when thirty minutes have elapsed. Don’t focus on speed or distance. The initial goal is to develop a habit of daily thirty minute walks. After a few short weeks, you’ll begin to feel an increase in muscle strength, stamina and general motivation. At this point, begin to introduce speed bursts into your walks. After a five minute brisk warmup, set your activity tracker for two and three minute intervals. At the first interval, increase your walking pace as rapid as possible. Maintain this speed for two minutes until the activity timer goes off. Resume your brisk walking pace for the subsequent three minutes. Continue this rotation of speed bursts and brisk walking pace throughout the duration of your thirty minute walk.