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Why Sell Your Extra Diabetic Strips for Cash? Selling diabetic strips for cash is legal and a lot of people do not know this. Instead of throwing away the extra test strips, diabetics should sell them instead and get cash in the process. People sell their unused diabetic test strips for different reasons. Mail order companies send diabetics many boxes of different test strip brands, and so the patient is left with a lot of unused test strips. Other reasons include a change in testing requirements making testing less frequent, or it is also possible that the doctor has chosen a different brand from the one already in the patient’s possession. If you no longer need testing then you will be left with a lot of extra diabetic test strips. You can also be left with unused test strip when your diabetic loved one dies and is no longer there to use them. The reasons are varied and plenty on having extra diabetic test strips at home which can be sold for cash. If you sell your extra diabetic test strips you are able to get cash for them and help other diabetics in the process. If you ask buyers why they buy these extra test strips, they will have different reasons for doing so. The most important reason for buying test strips is to make profit from them. Some kindhearted people buy these extra test strips so that they can help those diabetics who cannot afford to buy them because their insurance company does not cover them. For those who don’t have insurance, these test strips donate by kind people help them a lot. If you sell your diabetic test strip, you know that somewhere there is a diabetic in need is getting the strips that he needs and can buy it at a discount.
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If you are looking for reputable buyers of your extra test strips, you can find many on the internet that you can mail your diabetic test strips to and receive cash. Just a simple internet search will give you a list of individuals and companies that buy test strips and you will find companies that will even reimburse your shipping cost.
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You should mail your test strips properly, in an unopened box with no damages and that the test strips are not yet expired or there is still at least six months before the expiration date. There are even some who will buy test strips within three months of expiration, although they will pay less. You can sell your test strips at a discount if they come in damaged boxes since there are still people or companies that buy them. Whether you decide to sell your extra test strips or not is completely up to you. Just remember that you will be helping a lot of people if you do so, and if you just throw them away you are not helping the environment because if will just land in the neighborhood landfill.