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Functions Of Digital Camera You Need To Know

Photography can be referred as being the process of creating moving or still pictures by means of capturing live data by observing radiations and storing it on sensitive medium similar to electronic sensors or electromagnetic film.

The camera is simply an image forming device and the photographic film or electronic image sensors serves as its recording medium. Digital cameras these days have an electronic medium which serves as a storing medium. As for the basic concept for cameras, it’s controlling the amount of light and the time of exposure of the camera to the outer world by using the lens. We can generate an image on the film when there’s enough light. The raw image can be developed to get real time original image. Movie camera is yet another kind of camera which is basically the total movements are captured and not just the stills. The basic concept behind movie camera is, the data are captured in a series of photos without delays in between them. As a result, this is creating a moving frame that is captured with the voice.

To be sure that we are going to get a clear and sharp photograph, we need to be certain that we are adjusting the camera either automatically or manually. Following are camera controls together with its short description.
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Number 1. Focus – this is an important adjustment made to bring the desired part or desired area to the sharpest point possible. Usually, this is done manually but this can be done automatically as well especially in latest models of digital cameras.
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Number 2. Aperture – this can be referred as the adjustments of iris or otherwise known as the “f” number. Usually, this number is controlling the amount of light that is going to pass through the camera’s lens. The aperture is meant to create some effect on the depth of field and focus.

Number 3. Shutter speed – this controls the speed of shutter which it is opening and closing referred to as shutter speed. All this is done in milliseconds which are practically the same time that imaging medium and light are exposed to storing medium.

Number 4. White balance – this is a special feature in digital cameras that are used in ensuring that white light is captured as it’s in real medium so by that, colors that are in imaging area look natural.

Number 5.Metering – this is measuring the amount of exposure of light and manually done to make sure that bright light areas and shadow regions are captured based on the preferences of the photographer.