Common Questions And Answers About Electric Vehicles

When it comes to electric vehicles there are so many things that are not properly understood. Misconceptions are all around and in so many cases they are promoted as being 100% correct. It is really important to learn all that we can about electric vehicles since in the future there is a very good possibility that all cars will be electric. Below you can find some of the most common of all the questions about electric vehicles at the moment.

What Is An Electric Vehicle?

To put it as simple as possible, the electric vehicle is a car that does not use gasoline or diesel as fuel. We have an electric motor that entirely or partially replaces internal combustion engines. Fuel is basically delivered from batteries that supply electricity for car motors. Oxygen and hydrogen are combined in fuel cell vehicles to obtain electricity.


What Is The Difference From The Conventional Vehicle?

The conventional car will run when energy obtained from diesel or gasoline burning is released into internal combustion engines. The electric vehicles will utilize an electric motor together with fuel cells in order to replace internal combustion engines.

The electric driven vehicle comes to the table with different advantages. There are even some that will recharge batteries through a technology named regenerative braking. However, when it comes to the law and everything else, the cars are the same. According to Ladah Law Firm, an electric vehicle is just the same as the regular vehicles in terms ofpractically everything connected with driving.

What Type Of EV Technologies Are Now Available?

  • Battery electric cars
  • Fuel cell cars
  • Hybrid cars – they use both regular fuels and electricity
  • Plug-in hybrid cars

How Is The Electric Car Recharged?

In order to fully recharge the battery electric vehicle you will need several hours. All is based on outlet rating and how much a vehicle was driven. Most of the electric vehicles can be charged through a 240 volt outlet. You would basically recharge the batteries simply by plugging them in. Commercial electric charging stations are now being developed in countries from all around the world. Many of these have really high current so the vehicle can be fully charged in around half an hour.

How Long Can The Car Go Without A Refill/Charge?

As technological improvements appear the distance that you can drive the electric car with just one charge is growing. The range available at the moment is between 60 and 200 miles. If the battery car offers a higher range, the costs are also higher. For instance, the first ever US plug-in hybrid, Chevy Volt, offers just a 35 miles drive while on electricity, with an extra of 375 miles with the included gas tank. Honda Clarity has a fuel cell allowing an estimated 240 miles range with one hydrogen tank.

How Easy Is It To Handle The Electric Vehicle?

When looking at handling, the electric drive vehicles will offer really good acceleration and improved performance when compared with the regular gasoline cars. Maximum torque is offered even when vehicles just start moving.