Why are worn-out tires dangerous?

Tires are the most susceptible to wearing part of the car. This element of the vehicle is responsible for the traction-coupling properties and controllability of your car. Among the key causes of their wear is a long service life. You should remember that the safety of driving directly depends on the condition of the tires. That is why, along with popular car accessories, tires are in great demand and any driver should devote some time to choosing the right ones and checking the tires for their suitability and proper technical condition.

The current condition of the tires has a serious effect on the suspension elements. This means that tire wear is one of the key factors that affects the overall condition of the vehicle. In this regard, uneven or excessive wear of the tread may indicate the presence of malfunctions in the car. Wear of tires is extremely dangerous for high-speed trips on winter roads. The fact is that in the cold season, the traction and coupling properties of the wheels with the road surface are worse, which can cause an accident.
The findings of the majority of tests involving worn tires showed that the handling and safety of such wheels is approximately twice as bad as in the new condition. Therefore, the use of the worn-out set of wheels must be approached with extreme care.
The working surface of winter tires is densely covered with lamellas, which are responsible for high adhesion on wet and slippery sections of the track. Slanted lamellas in a worn tire are not capable of performing its immediate tasks, which negatively affects the overall level of safety and stability of movement.

Why are worn-out tires dangerous

Even tires with a half -worn tread can be more dangerous than you think. On a worn tire, there may be half as many slats. Tires can lose their grip on the road properties long before complete wear and tear. Tests have shown that the protector can significantly lose traction when it is half-worn.

It is especially scary when you realize how many cars with worn out tires drive on our roads. A recent study by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that almost 50 percent of the 11,500 cars, pickup trucks, vans and sports cars drive at least on tires with an already half worn tread. Another 10 percent prefer economy in exchange for safety. Worn tires can lead to an accident on wet roads, where the grooves of the tread are not deep enough to drain water from under the tread. As a result, a water wedge between the wheel and the road is obtained, in other words, aquaplaning, when the protector slides over the surface of the water, and the vehicle does not respond. With worn tires in wet or snowy weather traction decreases.
A tire is considered worn-out when one or more of its grooves reaches 1.6 mm for a summer tire and 4 mm for a winter tire. Manufacturers of tires, for easier determination of the degree of wear, make wear indicators on their tires. This is either a series of molded horizontal stripes on the groove, or septa in the same grooves. So, before buying tires for sale, make sure they are in the right condition.
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